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Spotlink partners with the best technology providers in the industry to bring top-quality hardware and software solutions for today's businesses.

Along with our engineering expertise, these strategic partnerships increase Spotlink’s services and business capabilities.  Spoltlink is able to provide the best solutions for clients and give them a competitive advantage.


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HP manufactures a full line of IT infrastructure equipment: servers, workstations, switches, routers, wireless devices, etc. As an HP partner, SpotLink can supply HP products, including their enterprise class servers, to clients whose needs are best met by HP’s solid product offerings.

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Dell manufactures a full line of IT infrastructure equipment: servers, workstations, switches, firewalls, wireless devices, etc. As a Dell partner, SpotLink can supply Dell products, including their business class workstations and laptops, to clients whose needs are best met by Dell′s broad product offerings.

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Motion Computing is a leading manufacturer of ruggedized field force automation laptops and tablets. As a Motion Computing partner, SpotLink can supply our clients with an outside workforce, units that will work in all weather conditions and hold up to rougher treatment than traditional indoor office laptops and tablets.

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Cisco manufactures the leading network equipment, and SpotLink proudly deploys them to clients who can benefit from Cisco′s outstanding reliability, security, or configurability. As a reseller, we can supply this equipment directly to our clients.

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Netgear manufactures a broad range of consumer and mid-market networking equipment. As a Netgear partner, Spotlink can supply Netgear′s broad range of equipment to our customers, to best fit their needs.


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As a member of the Microsoft Partner network with multiple competencies and certifications, SpotLink can provide Microsoft volume licensing directly to our clients.

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As a VMWare Professional Solutions Provider, SpotLink can provide licensing of select VMWare products to our clients that are best suited to a VMWare virtualization strategy.

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Symantec offers a wide variety of security, storage, and disaster recovery products. For over 10 years, SpotLink has recommend Symantec as its preferred anti-virus and backup system provider. As a Symantec partner, we can sell licenses and advanced support to our clients.

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Adobe is the leading publisher of digital content creation software. Our partnership allows us to sell licenses to our clients in need of Adobe′s creative applications.

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Red Had is the leading provider of a supported Linux distribution. Clients who purchase Redhat subscriptions can access the RedHat Network for real-time security patches and OS updates. As a RedHat reseller, SpotLink can supply our clients with the Redhat subscriptions they need.

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Datto has built its reputation on innovative technology and a superior level of reliability for data protection, recovery and business continuity. SpotLink can supply our clients with the reliable backup solutions they need.